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Do you have time to volunteer or offer your expertise to the UrbanLeaf project?

Welcome to the UrbanLeaf™ website. This is the home of Nottingham's very first urban vertical food manufacturing facility. We will be building a facility that produces 10,000 salad heads, soft fruit punnets, and herbs per week so if you are based in Nottingham and you have some spare time up until the launch and want to volunteer to help us bring fresh and clean salads, herbs and soft fruits to local communities then please complete the form below. 


And don't worry if you're not from Nottingham, we still need social warriors and campaigners … if you're online you can help in management, planning and spreading the word.


If you'd like to set a food project up in your community, get in touch! We want UrbanLeaf™ projects everywhere, and we can help you get started – just leave us a message below.

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Have a Listen to a great explanation by Paul Myers on why we need projects like UrbanLeaf

Fixing the broken food system & improving health

We urge you to listen to Paul Myers TED Talk, Paul explores the deep-seated problems with our current food system, and the devastating effects this is having on our environment and our health. Paul and the team at Farm Urban believe that by embedding aquaponic systems (where fish and plants are grown together in a closed-loop ecosystem without soil) into the fabric of society they can engage and inspire people to connect with their environment, explore their relationship with food, and start to build a sustainable and resilient food system

Our Vision for the UrbanLeaf™ Project

Imagine venturing through the streets in your neighbourhood and seeing food growing in abundance all around you. Envisage flat roofs, vertical walls, spare land, residential gardens and abandoned buildings in your town or city, all growing food. Picture the trees, bushes and shrubs in your local parks bearing fruits and nuts. Let's not forget our pollinators and insects – nature and wildlife will flourish as well as humans in a plentiful system. The benefits for health, wildlife and the planet are myriad.

UrbanLeaf™ vision of the future

Our Friends and Partners

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